Terms and Conditions


Acceptable Use Policy

We expect that all people who enter the data center conduct themselves with proper decorum and honour all security and safety practices. These rules and guidelines have been developed to clarify our expectations and to reduce the chance of mistakes and unintended events. Failure to comply with any procedure will result in immediate removal from the site and may result in permanent loss of access to the facility.   

In summary, this policy dictates that all MDX-i visitors, customers and their representatives are bound by this  and other operational policies, rules and regulations regarding the use of the data Centre.

MDX-i reserves the right to modify these operational policies, rules and regulations at our own discretion at any time without prior notification. Your continued use of our service signifies acceptance of any modifications to these operational policies, rules and regulations which the customer is expected to check from time to time.


  • Clients may not engage in any illegal activity whilst attending the MDX-I facilities.
  • Failure to adhere to the ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ may result in termination of contract, disconnection of power and/or removal of equipment from the Data centre.
  • MDX-i will not be held liable for any losses incurred should equipment be removed /disconnected owing to a breach of the ‘Acceptable Use Policy’.
  • Items must not be left unattended. Any unattended items will be removed and may be destroyed.  MDX-i cannot accept liability for any losses incurred.
  • Vehicles, briefcases, bags etc. may be subject to security searches. Persons refusing to any such search will not be permitted to enter or re-enter the facility.


Visitor guidelines

  1. Adequate parking is provided for all visitors outside the data center compound
  2. Please note that all electronic Items such as laptops, cameras, pen-drives/flash-drives are not allowed into the data center without prior approval. Visitors are expected to declare such items at the gate and deposit with the security operatives for safe keeping.
  3. No visitor will be allowed into the DC except with prior notification and approvals from his/her organisation at least 24Hrs before the visit.
  4. All visitors to the MDXi Data Centre must Sign in and out at the security gate and Data Centre reception when entering and exiting the Data Centre.
  5. All issued access cards must be returned in exchange for customers’ deposited ID cards at the exit gate when leaving the DC campus
  6. Government issued and approved identification must be exchanged at the security post for a visitor tag before access into the premises could be granted.
  7. Visitor tags must be displayed at ALL times
  8. No food or drink will be allowed into the Data Center
  9. All forms of photography and photographic equipment are prohibited in the Data Center premises without prior written permission from MDX-i.
  10. No smoking or chewing of tobacco is allowed in the Data Centre premises
  11. Visitors must be with their tour guide/escort at ALL times and will not be allowed to move around unescorted


Use of the Datacentre

  • Customers may not move or lift any floor tiles or cabinets within shared areas of the Data centre.
  • No item that could damage or interfere with the operation of a datacentre or of the equipment therein is permitted inside the datacentre. Bringing any such items into the Data centre may result in permanent expulsion from the facility.
  • No packaging material of any type is allowed onto the data floors.
  • Customers must not take food or drinks or any type of liquid onto the data floor.
  • Public walkways must be kept clear of obstructions at all times.
  • Customers, visitors and their representatives must not touch, tamper or interfere in any way with equipment belonging to others.
  • Customers and their visitors must not engage in any activity which may cause any problems or disruption to other customers.
  • If a customer is engaging a third party contractor for its installation, the customer must ensure that the contractor is adequately supervised.
  • No cameras / photographic equipment are to be used without prior written permission from MDX-i.
  • No customer is allowed to modify settings on any equipment/panel within the DC premises
  • Customers are responsible for their contractor actions on their equipment.


Customer Onboarding Rules

  • Prior to the onboarding process, authorised customer representatives will be walked through all customer affecting operational policies of the data center in a formal information session.
  • Customer shall agree with MDX-i on the date of equipment delivery in line with the equipment delivery procedure and agreed customer on-boarding timelines.
  • All decommissioned equipment are required to be properly cleaned and delivered dust-free to MDX-i Data Centre
  • 3rd Party installer appointed by the customer shall be pre-approved by MDX-I before they can be allowed to work within the campus.
  • The data center is a carrier neutral facility and therefore gives customers the choice to connect any telecom provider of choice. The facility does not sell connectivity to the customer and therefore is not responsible for out of facility connectivity as part of its scope of work.
  • Customers must ensure that all rack doors must remain closed at all times, unless they are being worked on.
  • Customers must label all equipment, servers and cables.
  • Customers are not allowed to make modification to the under-floor installations of the white space, cable trays, fibre terminations etc without prior approval of MDX-i.
  • Upon completion of onboarding, customers are required to test their equipment/devices to confirm that there are no issues and specification meets agreed requirements for power, space and cross connect where applicable.
  • Upon successful completion of installation, an acceptance form will be signed by both parties, signifying the commencement of the billing period according to the terms of the agreement.
  • All other additional services that may be required but not included in the service order shall be considered as new service request and same shall be directed through the Account Manager for possible commercial evaluations.
  • Remote hands support services (RHSS) cannot be provided until the on-boarding process is completed and the customer rack is in-service.
  • RHSS is a special service and the terms have to be agreed by both parties.