About MainOne

MainOne Cable Company Ltd. is a privately-owned company bridging the digital divide between West Africa and the rest of the world by delivering innovative infrastructure solutions to increase internet broadband penetration in West Africa. Backed by its high capacity, Open-access, 10 Tbps fibre optic cable, MainOne offers reliable, world-class broadband access and services within West Africa to telecom operators, internet service providers, governments, large enterprises and SMEs.

Business Case – Longterm archiving and backup solutions

As MainOne continued its move to the cloud and decommissioned on-premises resources, it turned its attention to its large data backup system. The company required a more efficient and cost-effective solution to replace the tape-based backup system.

The backup system was a big headache as it needed regular monitoring and refreshing, sometimes backups from the various on-premise Business applications (SharePoint, ERP,BMC Remedy ITSM) failed and valuable data was left unprotected.

The Tapes and Backup Systems were nearing end of life, the growing costs and the complexity of spinning up test and development environments was also a concern.


AWS gave MainOne an easy way to keep “hot” or more actively used data on-premises while pushing “cooler” long-term data and backups to the AWS cloud storage as if it were an extension of the MainOne existing data center. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis conducted to compare the associated costs in the Cloud versus On-premise, also favored running the development and test environments in the Cloud.


In addition to the cost and time savings, there is much better disaster protection for data by storing it in AWS. Whether the disaster is the accidental deletion of an important file, or other calamity, files are safe in the AWS cloud.

Ability to quickly create consistent development and test environments through a scalable, on-demand infrastructure on AWS.

Cost Efficiency

No need to invest a huge amount of money buying another NAS or any physical infrastructure which will not been used 100%.

Data Backup

The need MainOne Corporation had was totally covered as they freed space off their NAS and have a second backup into Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) repositories.

Security of data backup

Acronis is used as the Backup technology tool to upload data from the NAS to the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket. Acronis works with access to AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) User which has specific policy.