About KudiGo

Headquartered in Accra, Ghana, KudiGo is a big data and retail startup, that provides innovative retail e-commerce solutions to consumers in Africa. They offer seamless and easy to use, enterprise-grade smart solutions for the retail consumer market segment. By developing solutions that improve the way retail services are provided, the startup hopes to empower its fair share of 1.2 billion consumers of retail products on the continent.

Since the launch of its flagship product, Storefront, in 2018, its proactive, results-obsessed approach to serving customers, the startup has continued to witness to a steady increase in users, and average orders processed monthly has also grown to over 20,000 as at 2019.

“Storefront is a mobile-first complete retail business suite which integrates a retail engine, an accounting engine, payment processing and built upon a data and analytics platform designed for the user experience of the average African retail business.” – Kudigo

Business Case – Time for a New Contact-Center Solution

As KudiGo continues to expand its client base, while moving ahead with its 2020 plans, the retail startup expanded into Nigeria to broaden the reach of its product, Storefront. It also added a new product called RapidGate leading to increased customer pressure to deliver realtime and dynamic support services for retail businesses. Thus, the need for a highly scalable and efficient call center solution to meet its current and future growth needs, and ensure its workforce is permanently connected.

Customer service is essential to the success of any business. To provide voice-based customer service at scale, many organizations operate call centers. At the low end, call centers simply route incoming calls to any available agent. More sophisticated systems support more sophisticated routing and interaction, including the ability to create customized call trees and other Integrated Voice Response (IVR) systems. Traditionally, IVR systems have been difficult to install and expensive to license, with capacity-based pricing the norm.

KudiGo desired a solution that provides 24/7 availability to its customers and at the same time maintain the company’s core tradition of utilizing low datacenter footprint and increased use of microservices to deliver service efficiency to clients.


After a rigorous review of options available, KudiGo chose MainOne as the preferred partner based on our deep experience in Cloud technologies, proven track record deploying solutions on AWS and ability to provide end-to-end services across Cloud and Connectivity.

With our Managed Cloud Services, MainOne leveraged Amazon Connect to deploy an omnichannel cloud contact center solution, addressing KudiGo’s core operational and compliance requirements. This solution enabled KudiGo connect its global customers with improved access to several enhanced features that are most valuable to their business process and customer experience.

Some of these features include:

Crystal clear sound quality

Inexpensive call recordings storage

Web and mobile chat option

Interactive voice response (IVR) menus

Real-time and historical analytics to analyze performance metrics

In addition to providing KudiGo with a more robust service solution suite, MainOne also provide dedicated 24/7 resources to support KudiGo during the solution deployment period to ensure optimum service uptime and stability is delivered. 


Key benefits for customer-centric Kudigo include the ease and speed of deployment provided by MainOne Managed Cloud Services to seamlessly deliver innovative services that has improved customer experience. The omnichannel cloud contact center supports more effective, personalized customer service for KudiGo’s clients, achieved using a more cost-effective platform that addresses current requirement and is easily scalable to address growth requirements.

Fast Time to deploy

Although Kudigo was accustomed to fast cloud deployments, they were very impressed by how fast and efficient MainOne managed the project end-to-end. "In a proof-of-concept phase that lasted about three business days, I was able to bring Amazon Connect up, take a simple call flow, and seamlessly integrate with our CRM system," says the Project Manager, Kudigo. “MainOne also delivered a high-value training in the use of the cloud call center solution and achieved 100% adoption by Kudigo agents in one (1) month.”

Better resilience and scalability

Some of the immediate benefits include better resilience and security at a lower cost. Kudigo has no concerns about scale when Amazon Connect is deployed to the support new markets that company’s other lines of business. “MainOne has already experienced Amazon Connect seamless scaling without manual intervention as we have doubled initial call volume. We have no doubt that, just like all the other AWS services we deploy, Amazon Connect will scale up as much and as fast as the customer needs and support continued innovation and seamless customer experiences across the entire company.” says Solutions Architect at MainOne.

Improved Productivity

Kudigo has been able to reduce the impact of telemarketing and other unwanted calls that take up the agents’ valuable service time. Before adopting Amazon Connect, the company’s customer service team manually managed a banned-numbers list. The MainOne Team deployed AWS Lambda serverless computing, to compare numbers to a ban list and bad calls are routed to an automated message; Now, agents can add bad numbers to the list via an integrated chatbot.