MDX-i Cloud Solutions provides a customized environment where your business can host their IT workload in an agile OPEX-based cloud model while ensuring your business remains complaint with unprecedented service levels that add good value to your business.  

The Increased growth in eCommerce, IT as a Service and the increasing adoption of OPEX driven business models drives the argument for organization to move their IT workloads to the cloud.

Within West Africa’s premier Tier III data center and only colocation facility with ISO 9001, 27001, PCI DSS and SAP Infrastructure Services certifications, MDX-i provides private, shared, hybrid in-country Cloud services to a rich ecosystem of service providers.



Infrastructure readiness and availability is key to the delivery of IT services for today’s CIO. IT Infrastructure Resources need to be rapidly and dynamically provisioned with easy management to take care of the changing needs of the business they support all the time. Hosting these IT resources in our in-country hosted Infrastructure as a Service ensures agility and flexibility. Other Benefits enjoyed by our customers include but not limited to:

Data Privacy/Security

With dedicated Service-Provider Grade Security services which allows total control by individual subscribers, our customers have the opportunity to determine their own safety rules and determine who does or does not have access to their servers. This clearly differentiates us from other cloud providers where subscribers security is set as provided in the service catalogue. Our Platform is compliant with PCI DSS V3, ISO 27001 and SSAE 16 (former SAS 70)


Our Customers are not restricted to a single source of connection to their resources. They can access their resources over the Internet (via any Internet service provider), through a private Leased circuit into our Datacenter in Lagos or through a virtual cross-connect, if they are already Collocating at our datacenter. This ease of connection to their resource pool also provides the advantage of lower latency for their customers in Nigeria and West Africa as traffic to services remain local

Hosting Legacy/Customized Services

Our Subscribers who have legacy services or customized applications with special resource needs have the option on hosting on dedicated hardware either in hybrid dedicated IaaS or a fully dedicated IaaS. Hybrid IaaS will include Dedicated Compute plus Dedicated or Shared Storage, Network, Security & load balancers. While in Dedicated IaaS all resources are dedicated to the customer along.

Agility and Scalability

We can provide on-demand capacities to your business as and when needed. This gives you the ability to dynamically repurpose resources according to business needs and agreed policies. Rapid deployment of our Cloud Services is also guaranteed to boost a faster time to market capability for your business.

Data Sovereignty/Localization of Content

Increased nationalist data protection laws is forcing many businesses in Africa to host within the continent. MDX-i in-country data centers offer compliance to sovereignty laws and compliance as data remains in-country, backed by our pool of highly skilled in-country operational teams who monitor, operate and maintain your infrastructure to ensure consistent uptime 24 X 7 X 365. In addition, this reduces latency to access your data

Cost efficiency

Establishing a data center or hosting your IT workload on your premises incurs huge CAPEX and OPEX expenses. By leveraging on our infrastructure, we guarantee flexible and predictable monthly expenses, which offers you proven savings of 20-50%, and offer services. Also Intelligent and strategic deployment of IT infrastructure based on what you require helps to significantly reduce Capital expenditure while better managing operational expenses.

Infrastructure Resilience

Enterprise-grade hardware ensures optimum hardware availability

Simplified Integration/Migration

Based on known and trusted hypervisors, integration/migration from On Premise servers is simple.

Certified Facility and platform

Hosted in an Uptime Institute Certified Tier III Data Center, only SAP Infrastructure Hosting Partner in West Africa.

  • Adjustable Memory and CPU combinations give you the most flexible server options.
  • On demand scale up/down the total capacity of your subscribed Resource Pool.
  • High performance storage Provides fast secure access to stored data for database and other core applications.
  • High Performance Storage is optimized for high IOPs environments.
  • An Enterprise grade logically separated Network is provided through software defined network configuration and ensuring exclusive access to your resources always
  • 1 Public IP provided by default, additional IPs can be subscribed to as required.
  • Private IP range available in single or multiple subnets
  • Dedicated network access option for additional security
  • Access to MainOne’s Leased Circuit and/or Internet Breakout services with open access to 3rd party networks
  • A service-provider-grade Security Appliance not only ensures secure access and protection of your sensitive data, it also provides secure availability of your services.
  • Dedicated Security: Virtual Domains (VDOMs) can be subscribed to ensure additional exclusive security to your Subscribed Virtual Resource Pool.
  • Encrypted Access to SAN storage is built-in to further ensure data security.
  • Managed Backup is available for Virtual Machines created in Subscribed Resource Pools.
  • Achieve near real-time, compliant, business continuity service using enterprise
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) tools on our platform. Integrated DRaaS tools allow automated recovery of service in case of service disruptions.
  • 24x7x365 In-Country Support is provided by Our CloudNOC and GNOC
  • Escalation path to Cloud Platform partners are also available to ensure critical problems are resolved with SLA timelines.